The suit of your dreams

Specialized in the field of tailor-made costumes, we do our best to meet your expectations as precise as they may be. 

Located in the heart of Lyon, our shop offers you the opportunity to inform yourself, try to take the measurements for your costume. In addition to our specialization in men’s costumes, we have a certain importance for your children’s costumes. 

Visualize yourself and your child dressed in the same costume at a wedding, a birthday, a bar mitzvah, a baptism, a communion etc…

It is very important to be well dressed when attending an event. Some moments are unforgettable and require to be clean on sois by releasing presence, elegance and confidence.

The children’s costumes we offer are essential to ensure that the memorable events in which you participate remain unforgettable. 

We work with the best couturiers, and we use only the best fabrics to make the most beautiful costumes imaginable. 

Cotton, wool, synthetic are the main materials we use to ensure that the final result is the best for you. 

A wide range of colours and materials are available to meet all your expectations and requirements, which will allow us to carry out a work that will meet all your expectations. 

A suit and more

I find that wearing a suit is a real plus, the city costumes are very elegant and make something very strong come out: presence, elegance and confidence. All the costumes that are offered in the shops meet everyone’s expectations, whether it is the colors, the cut of the costume, or the fabrics used, you will find without hesitation your happiness.

Specialized in the creation and cutting of suits for men and children, we put our know-how at your service to best meet your expectations, no matter how demanding.

Since the creation of our shop, we are more and more attentive and demanding to the quality and perfection of our products, which is why we offer you the most beautiful and elegant costumes on the market for your child. 

We work with the best materials such as wool, cotton, scandex, polyester etc. to make you feel as comfortable as possible in your suit.

Our store is located in the 3rd arrondissement of Lyon, where we invite you to discover all our collections of children’s costumes and for all events such as weddings, communions, baptisms, funerals etc…

Our team is delighted to open its doors to you to come and try, touch and observe all our articles so that you can find your happiness.

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